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July 20, 2007
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:: Time's up :: by Liek :: Time's up :: by Liek
she had 24 hours to save the love of her life... she failed...

Detail: [link]

Model: *mjranum-stock
Girl with scarf: *Lolitagirlie-stock
Background: [link]
Brushes: my own.

Please do not use my work for anything at all!!!
My works are copyrighted, some are even licened by print stores. I had to sign legal contracts for that to prevent others from using my images. I'm truly sorry but I don't have time to answer emails and notes about this question anymore.

People keep saying my watermarks are so ugly, and I really have to agree. Even if I tried several different ones they never made my images look better. And again, I hate them more than you do. Did you know that people are selling my work(s) and works from my friends? Please try and understand my reasons.

Thanks ;)
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swtchildishdreams Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007
not to be mean or anything, but it might be nice if you position one of the main focus the girl's head in the background or the girl in the foreground on the ground not in the center of the picture. if you want to keep the focus in the center. maybe you should make the side of the wall and row of shrubs at a greater angle so that it can be leading lines to further emphazise the figures in the picture.
Liek Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the tips ;)

mmenathalie Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2007
Hello! :wave:
Congratulations, this work has been featured at "Visual Senses" article: [link]
Please, do not comment here, but only under the news article.
Thank you and wish you more fantastic works!
99jinx Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007
:wow: :heart:!!!
NurseTouch Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
she had 24 hours to save the love of her life... she failed...

:clap: very nice.. so with the photo..
Zaichick Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
wow that is powerful. very well done.
Princess-of-Shadows Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:faint: each detail, texture, symbol.. everything is absolutly delicious! :heart:
Liek Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much hon, means the world to me :cuddle:
GreenManalishi Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007
woooow, wat deprimerend...:( Maar heel mooi gemaakt Liekje.
Liek Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Thx vriendje en tja... beetje depri tijd voor me deze tijd van het jaar:(

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