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August 17, 2006
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:: Fragile heart :: by Liek :: Fragile heart :: by Liek
Playing with my wacom tablet again.
Took me some time to finish this and as usual... I'm still not satisfied. For someone that loves winged creatures as much as I do you could at least expect good looking wings. Sorry to disappoint you but I couldn't do better than this;p

DETAIL: [link]

The beautiful *Lisajen-stock for being my reference for the model.
Background: purchased from renderosity.
Rest is repainted from my own pictures.

Please do not use my work for anything at all!!!
My works are copyrighted, some are even licened by print stores. I had to sign legal contracts for that to prevent others from using my images. I'm truly sorry but I don't have time to answer emails and notes about this question anymore.

People keep saying my watermarks are so ugly, and I really have to agree. Even if I tried several different ones they never made my images look better. And again, I hate them more than you do. Did you know that people are selling my work(s) and works from my friends? Please try and understand my reasons.

Thanks ;)
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wow :faint:
Stunning work! :heart:
amaaaazing! such clear light&colors... brilliant work! THANKS A LOT!!!
kristymariethomas Sep 21, 2006  Professional General Artist
There is such a beautiful and mesmerizing quality about your work. I could just look at your gallery for hours. It feeds my fragile soul! :giggle:
omg that's so well done, i love the details you put into it, it's really beautiful :heart:
Uusis Aug 19, 2006   Digital Artist
:omg: :drool: This is awesome! Actually perfect..
I'm jealous :dizzy:
axentric Aug 18, 2006
i really love your work! :aww:
This is an absolutely beautiful work. I love how you rendered the model as well. Great job on that detail!

I know you said you purchased the background, so that it is not yours...I just wanted to say that I think that the way the trees were drawn in the background seem slightly "cartoon-ish" to me. I may be the only one, but when compared to your soft tones and the glow done by yourself, the tops of the twisted trees just look a little off to me. :) Nonetheless, the composition is wonderful and even though you say you're not happy with it, I think it is fantastic! :heart:
Wow.. this picture it totally amazing and I can't believe you said its a disappoint.. no way! :D
I love this picture, all the colors are so soft and the details are incredible. I think this is the best picture I have seen today :wow: :hug: i really mean it ^__^
And I do love faeries and all flying stuff so .. yea I love the wings on her :)
And btw its a great work with the background it looks a little creepy =P
the picture looks a little lonely and so beautiful *jumps into the picture and brings some sunshine :D :glomp:
*starts hitting the favorite button* :+fav:
I would love to see more of your art.. *runs for the devwatch button*
Wounder if anyone reads this O_o;;
Axysses Aug 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY GOSH...its too beautiful!!!
TatiStrange Aug 17, 2006  Student General Artist
No problems, dear, I understand your reasons xD~

I liked the picture and well, for me the wing is nice, but my opinion is not so important because I don't have +idea+ how to make this type of wonderfull work ._.'....

Well, hope it's all ok with you and your "baby" x)~...

.o/ bye
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